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Company MAPUberlin

MAPU is the word for earth in the language of the Mapuche, an indigenous folk from Chile and Argentina.
The earth is the basis of all existence, of which everything primaliry consists of.

MAPUberlin is an entity, whose goal is to offer a platform for artists from different areas (music, design & film) and to initiate and promote various social projects.
... MAPUberlin integrates with all races, backgrounds and beliefs.


"Para una tierra." In today's over-consumption market, society's awareness of our earth and its resources is quickly lost. We stand for a fair and sustainable economy and strive to make our own small contribution to gain more respect in dealing with people and the environment.

We support the right of indigenous people to maintain their culture and habitat.
For one united World. Para una Tierra.

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“Stets amüsant mit den Ganoven auf nen Tanz oder Bierchen.”

Dennis Jäger, Musician

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